Kafue ANC Eco/HC (Tav.Vald.)

2017 - 3° Missione MD

Progetto: TV 337/16 Ultra Sound Scan/ANC - Kafue District HC's

3° MissionZambia - Maggio 2017

  • Dr. Francesco Paolo Gianzi MD - Asl Roma 2, Advisor Vpm

Report: In order to upgrade rural Antenatal Care (ANC) and Mother and Child Health (MCH) institutional programs in the Kafue District, the following activities have been realized during the mission (June 23-July 10, 2017 )  :

  1. brought from Italy the first Ultrasound portable scanner (Haandle Fazone Fuji) to be used in the  1st selected Rural Health Center Kambale. The Customs procedure at Lusaka Hairport has took few days, defining the local clearance's disposition to be utilized for next ultrasound instruments: a) send the ultrasound receipt to the planning office of Kafue Health District b) the Planning Office will write a request letter to the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Health; c) after receiving the stamped request letter, the Procurement  of Ministry of Health will write an additional letter to clear the ultrasound at the Zambian Revenue Authority (customs).
  2. bought health equipment supply such as 2 gynecological beds for Kambale and Chisankane RHCs & pap smear sets.
  3. carried out inspections in the 3 RHCs monitoring their renovations works and health supply deliveries
  4. planned and conducted  2 weekly  training courses for the 6 nurses and midwifes from the 3 RHCs  The first of them has been held  at Kafue District Hospital while the second in Kambale RHC. The 6 students has been trained by two local radiographers in basic ultrasound ANC techniques, using the  new ultrasound portable scanner.
  5. planned, with the Tec. Anest. Catherine Kabeta, the future training activities in both Kafue District Hospital and RHCs and defined the allowances for trainers and students (For the tutor ecographists: 400zmk if the training is at Kafue Hospital, 600zmk at R.H.C. For the students: 250zmk at Kafue Hospital, 100zmk at R.H.C.)
  6. defined the epidemiological data for assessing the project results by the following indicators for the health improvement of pregnant women and their unborn children in the 3 RHCs : a) Comparison of the total number of pregnant women attending the ANC services before and after the ultrasound scanner arrival (1 year observation). b) Comparison of the number of obstetric visits for each normal pregnancy  before and after. c)Comparison of the number of  pregnant women accompanied by the husbands especially in the first trimester (male involvement) before and after. d) Comparison of the number of complications (such as preeclampsia, placenta-previa, hemorrhages, blighted ovum, anencephaly, molar pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, growt fetal retardation, fetal anomalies...) confirmed and treated with the support of the ultrasound scanner before and after. e) Comparison of the number of  complications referred to Hospital before and after. f) Comparison of the types of  complications referred to Hospital before and after. A survey to assess the patients satisfaction, after the ultrasound arrival,  has also been drafted.
  7. 640 Km on tarmac and gravel roads, travelling by car (KD 4x4), monitoring the RHCc;, plus 450 Km (4 trips to Lusaka) and return for the ultrasound machine clearance, buying health equipment supply too. The car and driver have also been used  for extra trips carrying building materials and health supplies to the RHC (for an addiction of 370 km).
  8. attended 2 meetings with the selected tutor radiographers working at the Kafue District Hospital (Mrs.Tiza Kambobe-bsc in diagnostic radiography-tel.0977850661; mr.Daniel Musonda, tel.0977501839)and mrs.Katherine Kabeta  in order to plan the next training and in which the radiographers suggested also to buy a printer for each  portable ultrasound to be bought in Specialized System shop in Lusaka for 700zmk each.
  9. furthermore he has performed logistic and administrative procedures for the project (banking, payments of homologous and others) and he has planned the 3° MD missions with the Tec. Anest. Catherine Kabeta and dr. James Exnobert Zulu, director of Kafue Health District.

Kafue, July 10th 2017

Francesco Paolo Gianzi MD

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