2016 - 1 MD's mission

Progetto: N&EPF-VPM 009/16/ANC - Kafue District ANC HCs

1° MissionZambia - July 2016

  • Dr. Francesco Paolo Gianzi MD - ASL Roma2 - Counselor Ong Vpm

Report: As required by the of the N&EPF/VPM project 009/16 "Antenatal Care (ANC) upgrade in the Kafue District, Zambia" to reinforce the bilateral health cooperation in the mother and child sector, between the consortium VPM-AOSCF and the Kafue Health District (KHD), the 1° mission has started up the ANC action, already agreed with the local Authorities and medical staff in the previous 3 mailing months. These the activities realized during the 1° MD mission: a) Logistic residential operations; b) 4 Introductive meetings with the 3 selected MDs & HOs:  dr. Chiza Simpungwe, KHD's Director, dr. Ketty Lubeya MD gynecologist & Tec. Anest. Catherine Kabeta, including the administrative project's procedures. C) the 1° Seminary/Visiting-sites (3+2 days), conducted with 12 local homologues: 2 Kafue District's Authorities, 3 project staff MDs and 7 Head HOs of the Health Centers (nurses, midwives), at the boardroom of the Kafue District Hospital and in the field. During the 3 days meeting has been carried out an analysis of the Mother&Child  District's situation and have been scored the needs of the ANC services in order to improve them, preventing and reducing the obstetric urgency, at the same time evaluating the MDGs4/5/6/2015 local results. The discussion then leads at the selection of the 3 ANC Referral Health Centers (RHC) to undergo minor structure renovations and equipment supply. Examining the training needs and duty of the Health Centers personnel, has been planned the calendar of the 2° Training Course on "Mother and Child sector, titled: "How to improve the Antenatal Care Services in Kafue District". This 2° Course will be held on the next 5/9 August at the Kafue District Hospital boardroom, by the colleague Dr. Carlo Vittorio Resti MD – AOSCF (2°MD Missiom). After the selection of the 3 ANC RHC (1-RHC Chanyanya, 2-RHC Chisankane & 3-RHC Kambale), have been carried out the sites'visits and the assessment of their renovation/supply needs. Together with the local staffs, has been drawn a board of restructuring needs and an estimate of the costs, to obtain the first project installment for renovation/supply. The HKD been established that the 3 RHC need replacement of broken window pans, shelves for books and documents, benches, chairs for the antenatal rooms, suction machines, couchs, chairs, delivery kits, sterilizers and gynecological beds for the delivery rooms. Furthermore, 2-RHC Chisankane needs also a structural partition of the maternity rooms, detailed in a schematic plan. The 1-RHC Chanyanya needs a complete distempering of the intern walls and an extension of the delivery room. During the mission has been visited the community projects of Munali Nickel Mine (school, clinic, houses, wells, roads) realized by the Mine Company as compensation of the resettlement of the 40 local resident families in the mine area, meeting the Director Mr.Matthew Banda to discuss possible health collaborations.

Kafue (Zambia), July 31 2016

Francesco Paolo Gianzi MD

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