Ethiopia Anti-Covid (5x1000)

2020 - Report 1° Anti Covid-19

ETHIOPIA - Oromia - Shashamane:

Anti-Covid Coton Lavable (no-disposable) Masks community production

To VPM, Anti Covid Masqs no disposable ETHIOPIA

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks on behalf of Ethiopia communities particularly Shashemene communities for initial charity of € 350.00 by your organization ong VPM to prevent COIVID-19 in our community in Ethiopia. As it is known, both developed and developing countries are facing challenge of COVID -19 Pandemic but the current situation will be the worst condition for developing countries like Ethiopia, due to the fact that there is no enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) even for health workers at all health facilities or institutions. This creates big threats for whole communities including health workers. As a result we were seeking any support either in kind or in cash from any partners and others NGOs (local and international) on COVID-19 prevention, for health supply Therefore, the contribution of your organization is an exemplary and great opportunity for us to start some activities and seeking others additional supports. As per discussion with local tailors, they agreed to prepare non disposable masks with a price of 36 ETB or with €1 i.e. a total of 250 masks. Then it is important to give awareness creation for half day in the town by hiring one vehicle with a price of 3000 ETB (€84), one health promoter for half day using public and for fuel 718 ETB (€20). Then I will documents all these activities and send back receipts. A total of €354 is needed from ong VPM for present. I keep in touch for further proposal if there is any source of funds for COVID-19 prevention. Let me know it pls. Finally, we don't who will be a victim of this pandemic so that let us do whatever we can do for the community till that.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Edao Simba - Health Officer in Oromia

Shashamane 13/04/20

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