Kafue ANC (N&EPF)

2016 - 3 MD's mission

Progetto: N&EPF-VPM 009/16/ANC - Kafue District ANC HCs

3° MissionZambia - December 2016

  • Dr.Francesco Paolo Gianzi MD - ASL Roma 2 - Ong Vpm

Report: (2-17/12/16): At the arrival, the main work was at the Kafue Health District and Zanako Bank with the Medical Projects Staff Leader (Dr. Chiza Simpungwe MD), the project local coordinator (Tec.Anest.Katherine Kabeta), the Accountant District Officer (mr.Bruce Hamusokwe), the Procurement District Officer (miss Caroline Manda) and the Zanaco Bank Operations Manager (mrs. Shila Shamalimba). The 1st Vpm on line transfer by Western Union (WU) to KD has been protocolled and the instalment (6.000 USD) transferred from the Zanako Bank to the Accountant and Procurement Offices, processed and used to purchase the items requested and upgraded the facilities in the 3 selected RHC.The next instalments will follow this procedure: the Vpm budget's resources allocated will be transferred by WU to Zanaco Bank Kafue Branch-Health District Account n.1827114300805. The acting bank branch manager (mrs.Shamalimba) will inform VPM by email when the instalment has arrived. At this time Vpm will inform dr.Simpungwe to alert the accountant officer mr.Hamusokwe to withdraw the money and mrs.Catherine Kabeta to ask the HC's Clinical Officers to submit the list of supplies to KD procurement office (miss Manda). At the end Miss Manda (authorized by mr.Hamusokwe) will buy the planned supplies. In addition to the administrative meetings collecting the accountancy documents, the 3 RHCs selected by the KDHMT have been visited, before and at the end of the renovation works: 1) Chisankane RHC, 47 km away Kafue District Hospital ; 2) Chanyanya RHC, 29 km; 3) Kambale RHC, 103 Km). The building-materials for the renovation works, the medical supplies (such as surgical equipment for the delivery room) and adequate ANC furniture for the 3 RHC have been bought. The renovation works in the 3 RHCs have started enrolling local carpenters. In the same time the medical supplies has been delivered to each RHC. The renovation works have been done in a week with a final inspection to the 3 RHCs to monitoring the action. The inspections at the 3 RHCs have been made with mr. Hamusokwe  and miss Manda, together with the 3 clinical officers: (mrs.Joyce Mashababi - Chisankane RHC, mr.Matthew Lungu - Chanyanya RHC and mr.Francis Hamuleya - Kambale RHC. Two local ECO/Scan suppliers have been identified in Lusaka (Felicity Suppliers Limited-Stefan Kafwimbi and Buster Enterprises - Daniel Musonda) and 2 quotations have been delivered in order to choose the most convenient eco-scan to buy (att. 6/7). In order to perform the training of the midwifes on portable ultrasound diagnostic use in ANC, 2 local Eco-scan tutors have been selected among the Kafue District Hospital (Mrs.Tiza Kambobe-; mr.Mutakela Liswaniso). A final meeting with the senior Radiologist and mrs. Katherine Kabeta took place at the KDH in which has been suggested that the duration of the training could be 28 days, scattered in a 6 months period (the first 3 months at Kafue District Hospital, where the trainees can practice on the great number of pregnant women attending the hospital's ANC services, and the following 3 months can be performed at the 3 RHC ANC facilities). The Radiologist suggested also, for the 3 RHC ANC services, to design good ventilation systems such as air conditioners  or good fan machines) and to buy an inventor for the portable ultrasounds to work efficiently. Travel by car for a total of 1.070 Km on tarmac and gravel roads has been accomplished in order to reach the RHC, the Kafue District Hospital and the Kafue Health District. Two trips in Lusaka and return for other 225 Km to meet dr. Lubeya and check the suppliers for ECO/Scan  machines have been made.The car and driver have also been used for extra trips carrying building materials and health supplies to the RHC (for an addiction of 430 km). The list of renovations performed, medical supplies obtained, renovations and supplies for final  instalment has been drawn (att. 1).The list of the staffs  and the water and electric supplies (att. 2), with a floor plan for each R.H.C. (att.3,4 & 5) have been draft.

Activities Synthesis :
a) control the transfer administrative and bank procedures in order to purchase items and upgrade the facilities in the 3 selected RHC of the Kafue District, monitoring the quality of the works 
b) perform banking practices for health personnel's  allowances, (project management local staff
c) carry out field inspections in the 3 RHC and start the works to upgrading the ANC facilities.
d) identify local suppliers of portable ultrasounds with warranty and assistance.
e) research local tutors to train the midwifes  on portable ultrasound diagnostic use in ANC.
f) draft a staff list of water and electric supplies in the 3 RHC

Francesco Paolo Gianzi MD

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