Kafue ANC Eco/HC (Tav.Vald.)

2019 - 8° Monitor mission report

Progetto: Rural ANC Kafue District RHC

6° Mission: valutazione e monitoraggio. Kafue, ZAMBIA - April 25th – May 8th 2019

Dr. Francesco Paolo Gianzi, MD – Asl Roma 2, Consigliere Vpm

Report: Maternal health is a priority goal of Zambian Government in accordance with the 3 projects realized together co-funded by OPM Chiesa Valdese and N&EPF in the last 4 Years, following the MDG 2015 and SDG 2030 issues. During the monitoring mission here detailed the evaluation activities.
  • Visited the 3 RHC: Chisankane RHC, 47 km far from Kafue District Hospita ; Chanyanya RHC, 29 km far ; Kambale 103 Km far ) for the review  of the USS prenatal activities. The control confirms the well-maintenance of the 3 Fuji Fazone instruments with implementation of the number of diagnostic procedures ;
  •  Implement rural participation in ANC, organizing 3 community ceremonies  in the 3 sites, with the local institutional authorities; the Chiefs villages, the mothers & pregnant women and the Safe Matherhood Action Groups who performed songs and  drama sketches on USS to reduce maternal and neonatal deaths,
  • Collected the ANC procedures data. The following indicators had been considered to monitor the pregnant women health improvement and the speedier obstetric complications management in the 3 RHC before and after the diagnostic USS procedure: a) the comparison number of pregnant women attending the ANC services in Chisankane 452/679 and in Kambale 424/696 after the arrival of the USS, confirms the compliance by the community at the ANC and by the USS service itself; b) the number of USS procedures in Chisankane 214 and in Kambale 280, confirms the community participation in progress; c) the comparison number of pregnant women accompanied by the husbands, in Chisankane 114/112 and in Kambale 81/84, has no significant  increment; d) the comparison number of pregnant complications (such as preeclampsia, placenta previa, hemorrhages, blighted ovum, anencephaly, molar pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, growth fetal retardation, fetal anomalies) in Chisankane 0/12 and in Kambale 0/12 confirms the importance of USS in pregnancy; e) the comparison number of complications referred to Hospital in Chisankane 0/18 and in Kambale 0/27 confirms the early obstetric complication diagnosis by USS: f) the deliveries in Chisankane 48/111 and in Kambale 52/108 doubled with the use of USS;
  • Meet twice the new HKD Director dr.Charles Mwinuna with gratitude for the support received by  VPM-AOSCF. For the USS rural services sustainability (jelly, fuel-electric-groups etc.) a minimal USS procedure Ticket is required (around 30 Kw) We agreed that, due to the very poor results obtained by Chanyanya RHC (in which the ultrasound machine has been underutilized) the USS will be temporarily relocate to another RHC.
  • Planned with the KH radiographers the training of the new RHC staff on diagnostic use in ANC
  • Performed administrative and banking practices in order to pay allowances for health personnel project management local staff and the project's driver from April 25th to May 7th 2019.
Kafue - Roma 10 May 2019
Francesco Paolo Gianzi

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