Scheda progetto

Project N&EPF-190-2015 :
Antenatal care upgrade in the Kafue District, Zambia

Scheda di progetto
Ente proponente
ONG - Voci di Popoli del Mondo
Referente del progetto Capo Progetto : Dr. Mwansa Ketty Lubeya.MD - Gynecologist
Paese beneficiario Zambia - Distretto di Kafue
Settore di intervento Formazione, prevenzione e cura ostetrica e ginecologica
Durata dell'intervento Annuale - avvio Luglio 2016
Enti Donatori
Controparte locale

Kafue District - Health Centres

Beneficiari Popolazione materno-infantile
Descrizione dell'azione
The general objective of the project is to improve the diseases prevention and the health care delivery services to the local population in the rural and suburban District of Kafue, with particular focus on the mother and child sector, in order to reduce the women and children mortality rate, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals and with the Zambian Public Health System National Program. The methodology consists in building a participated net up to closely follow the pregnancies and to timely intervene if any problem arises. Non problematic pregnancies will be treated at the Health Centres and at the 3 Refferal Health Centres, both equipped for the physiological delivery. Pregnant women showing complications will be moved to more equipped hospitals such as the Kafue District Hospital, in the north of the district, the Chirundu Missionary Hospital on the south of the District (distance between almost 100 Km of asphalt road).

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